Gaming Keyboard for PC: Mad Catz STRIKE 7 Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keyboard for PC - Mad Catz STRIKE 7 Gaming Keyboard

Mad Catz STRIKE 7 Gaming Keyboard

Price: $260.83
Store: Amazon
Mad Catz STRIKE 7 Gaming Keyboard

Looking for a gaming keyboard for your PC? Here’s Mad Catz STRIKE 7 Gaming Keyboard designed to help you easily control every important keys for your disposal simply because every second counts and is the great measure for winning every battle.

This Gaming Keyboard for PC is every easy to setup so you’ll have full harmony, no more staring at keys to access them because everything is strategically located so you can concentrate on targets.

This gaming keyboard is not just unique in design for full comfort but at the same time power packed with sturdiness and noise free gaming, thanks to its unique color combination, size, sound and programming uniqueness, now you can win every battle in comfort and style.

The Mad Catz STRIKE 7 Gaming Keyboard is ideal for MOBA, RGP, MMO and other game genre you want to play with, thanks to its keyboard’s easy to customize physical arrangements now you can play they way you want it to be.

Other important features include unique control module all packed with VENOM TFT LCD touch screen, a function strip, a nice 3 part active palm and wrist rests and a built-in teamspeak function with visual identifier. What are you waiting for, play your favorite game now exactly the way you intend it to be and take control of everything in peace.

-$260.83 at amazon