Thrustmaster 2.4Ghz T-Wireless Gamepad – For PC, PS2 and PS3 Wireless Gaming

Thrustmaster 2.4Ghz T-Wireless GamepadThrustmaster 2.4Ghz T-Wireless Gamepad

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This wireless gamepad is ideal for PS2 and PS3 gaming console. It is also perfect for PC gaming because it also comes with a USB dongle so you’ll be able to enjoy all your PC games using Thrustmaster wireless gamepad.

The Thrustmaster 2.4Ghz T-Wireless Gamepad uses triple A batteries and has auto-shutoff capability with on or off switch for total autonomy.

The gamepad’s handgrip is made with pure non-slip rubber for that best hand gripping action and lifelong comfort.

So if you are a computer, PS2 or PS3 geek, now you can enjoy all your favorite game using this gamepad complete with vibration.